Группа "The Beatles"

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Группа "The Beatles"



Am7                   Dm7
Besame besame mucho,
                                                  Fdim    Am
Each time I bring you a kiss I hear music divine
      A7                    Dm7     F
So besame besame mucho,
  Am7                     H7               E              Am
I love you for ever, say that you'll always be mine

Dearest one, if you should leave me
Then each little dream will take wings and my life would be through
Oh besame besame mucho,
I love you for ever, you make all my dreams come true

Припев: Oh this joy is something new,
             My arms they're holding you,
           E                           Am
             I never knew this thrill before
             Who ever thought I'd be
             Holding you close to me
                H7                            E
             Whispering: it's you I adore

Yes so dearest one…


Oh so dearest one…