Green Day

"Aamerican Idiot" (2004)


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Part II City of the Damned

Green Day



(в оригинале C#)

At the center of the Earth
In the parking lot
Of the 7-11 were
I was taught
F                               G
  The motto was just a lie

It says home is where your heart is
But what a shame
Cause everyone's heart
Doesn't beat the same
It's beating out of time

           Am    G
Припев: City of the dead
           C                       F
             At the end of another lost highway
          Am              G                  F
             Signs misleading to nowhere

             City of the damned
             Lost children with dirty faces today
             Noone really seems to care

I read the graffiti
In the bathroom stall
Like the holy scriptures
Of a shopping mall
And so it seemed to confess

It didn't say much
But it only confirmed that
The center of the earth
Is the end of the world
And I could really careless